California 7-Eleven Deemed 'Luckiest In The World' To Buy Lottery Ticket | iHeart (2023)

California 7-Eleven Deemed 'Luckiest In The World' To Buy Lottery Ticket | iHeart (1)

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The Mega Millions winnings still stand at $1.05 billion dollars as of Friday afternoon after multiple weeks of non-matching numbers. According to CBS NEWS, there is one 7-Eleven gas station in Chino Hills located just outside of Disneyland that is advertising itself to be the "luckiest 7-Eleven in the world." The store is known for selling the biggest lottery ticket prize in American history six years ago. They are so confident in this title that a sign hangs above the counter inside of the store that details their reputation for everyone to see.

Hoping to try their luck at a chance of winning a gigantic sum of money, Californians lined up outside of the store to purchase what could be a winning ticket.

"This is the lucky store, so I'm hoping it becomes lucky for me as well," Vish Josai told CBS NEWS after buying a ticket from the convenience store. CBS NEWS mentioned that the odds of winning the $1.05 billion dollars in the Friday night drawing are one in 300 million. A few lucky winners purchased a winning ticket from the 7-Eleven in 2016 with winnings totaling $1.6 billion dollars.

"Anytime the jackpot goes high, a lot of my neighbors come to buy tickets. Even people from other cities come here — people come even from Las Vegas to play here," 7-Eleven store owner Balbir Atwal shared.

The Mega Millions Drawing for the $1.05 billion will take place on Friday night at 8:00 p.m PST.

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